Food Supplements

We work side by side with our partners through every step: from the formulation to the production and registration with the competent authorities.
The formulation begins with a thorough research of innovative raw materials, which are then closely analysed. They are examined with respect to their technical and safety features, and our work is supported by in-depth scientific literature. All materials are purchased from certified suppliers.

  • Tablets with cosmetic film coating
  • Tablets with gastro-resistant film coating
  • Prolonged-release multi-layered tablets
  • Hard gelatine capsules
  • Gastro-resistant hard gelatine capsules
  • Powders and gels for oral use (in sachets)
  • Powder products (in tubs)
  • Gel products
  • Monophasic and biphasic single-dose vials
  • Oral solutions
  • Single dose vials
  • Impregnated granules and corpuscles
  • Hydroalcoholic solutions (mother tinctures) and glycerinated macerates

(Regional Register registration number α IT 000105FE)

  • Production
  • Immediate and outer packaging
  • Blister packaging
  • Vial packaging
  • Single-dose strip packaging
  • Sachet packaging
  • Folding carton packaging
  • Labelling
  • Sleeve packaging
  • Thermoformed packaging

At Alfa Omega we use climatic chambers to perform accelerated and long-term stability testing in order to establish a product’s shelf life.

  • Assistance in drafting the text for cartons and labels, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 and D. Lgs. 169/2004
  • Barcode request and product entry in databases
  • Assistance in drafting package inserts and scientific/ information material
  • Assistance in registering the product with the
  • Ministry of Health (new disclosure, change of disclosure, ministerial deficiency letters management)
  • Consultancy concerning regulatory protocols for import and export operations and applications for
  • Certificates of Free Sale (CFS)
  • Drafting of data sheets
  • Physicochemical Testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Sterility testing

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